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2014 CCA Convention Pictures Page 2
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David's Table

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David's side table

Bob and Jerry's Table

Bob and Jerry's Table

Mary's Table

Mary's Table

High level discussion

Our restaurant "Banquet"

Even though the banquet was not quite what was expected,
a great time was had


The lines were long
but worth the wait

Now this is something you don't see every day!
David outside the Sign Museum

Entrance to the Sign Museum

Entrance to the Sign Museum

How many of you have had a Big Boy hamburger?

An old Shoe advertising sign

Various electric signs

A great neon sign

It's been a while since hamburgers were 15 cents
even at McDonalds!

Neon with bulbs
Bulbs light in sequence to make it look
like it is pouring

Various neon signs

Dinner at the Rookwood factory
Inside the kiln

One of the Rookwood Kilns