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The origins of CCA stretch back to 1995 when the Czechoslovakian Collector's Guild International (CCGI) was founded. The club was reorganized in 2001 and renamed the Czechoslovakian Collector's Association (CCA). This new name, however, only partially captures our interests as the organization also encompasses a wide range of Austrian, Bohemian, and Czechoslovakian Decorative Arts, what many members refer to as the ABCs of collecting.

Our mission is to foster the collection and appreciation of the art glass, ceramics, and other decorative arts of Austria, Bohemia, and Czechoslovakia from the years 1850 to 1940. CCA's mission is accomplished through: research, education, the publication of a Newsletter twice a year, the sponsorship of an annual Convention, and a comprehensive Web site which features articles and columns devoted to deepening our understanding of the history and production of these beautiful objects of art.

The current board members of CCA were elected at the 2010 and 2011 Annual Conventions and will serve two year, staggered terms. They are David Phelps (President, elected 2011), Rosie Bodien (Director of Publicity, elected 2011), David Fein (Director of Membership, elected 2010), Aggie Elwell (Treasurer, elected 2009), Bob Collier (Secretary, appointed 2011)

Our general membership includes both beginning and advanced collectors, researchers, educators, appraisers, and dealers. Most of the members have been collecting or dealing in the Czech decorative arts for many years. Collectively, the expertise of the members of  CCA is unrivaled and our annual conventions also feature seminars from leading researchers in the field. Members can also tap into this expertise through one of our new on-line services, a regular column entitled "Ask the Experts." We also remain committed to an ongoing program of research and publication. In addition to the newsletter, CCA has published three volumes of the Journal of Czech Decorative Arts. Back issues are available through this Web site. Forthcoming articles will be appearing in an on-line version of the journal.

In addition to our commitment to providing club members with the latest research in the field of Austrian, Bohemian, and Czech Decorative Arts, we also realize that many members are active collectors and, as a club, we try to facilitate avenues for club members to purchase those elusive, beautiful, whimsical, and sought after pieces. The annual show, which is held in conjunction with our yearly convention, has always served as a major venue for collectors to view and purchase a wide range of glass, pottery, jewelry, and perfumes and it will continue to serve this function. In addition, we are now offering new services on this Web site, a "where the dealers are" page, a "for sale by members" page,a "Flea Market Finds" page,a "Collection of the Month" page.

The "where the dealers are" page will help members locate dealers who specialize in Austrian, Bohemian, and Czech decorative arts by providing information on the dealers, their locations and their upcoming shows. The "for sale by members" page will allow members of CCA to buy and sell pieces from their individual collections on the CCA website free of charge.

Dues for the membership year starting March 1, 2011 will be $40 for an individual and $60 for a 2-person membership at the same address.

If you would like to join us, please print out the appropriate membership application:

New Membership Application

Renewing Member Application

 Send it, along with your dues, to the address on the form. For more information on membership please contact membership@czechcollectors.org